Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gavin Kelso || Suite No. 1 in G, BWV 1007 - Prelude

Heavenly on four strings...

Zeke's Salt City Found Object's Instrument Works

I have updated my previous post to include Zeke's blog post with the story behind the instrument. He's made many interesting instruments and has small posts on each including what materials were used and where they came from. Take a quick browse and you'll be hooked.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Martin Size 5 Tenor Guitar = Guitar Uke = Uke-I-Tar

Check this beauty out on Elderly Instruments...
Size 5 (Mini) body of solid Sipo, single ring soundhole rosette, morado bridge. 4-string neck, solid peghead with old-style Martin decal, vintage style open-gear tuners with cream buttons and Elderly Instruments stamp on back of peghead. Solid morado fretboard (23"scale, 1-1/4"nut), small pearl dot position markers. Tuned CGDA. May be re-strung for GDAE or DGBE/Chicago tuning. Approximate body dimensions are: upper bout 8", lower bout 11", maximum depth 3 3/4", body length 15 3/4", total length 34". Satin finish. Martin flattop hardshell case. HISTORICAL FUN FACT: Tenor guitar or Big Ukulele?? We found a 1924 pamphlet describing the tenor guitar as a "Guitar-Uke" or Uke-I-Tar" !