Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jake Shimabukuro plays his Vintage Kamaka Bari-Uke on FACEBOOK

Another surprise, Jake wrote...

I'm loving my Kamaka baritone ukulele... The ukulele is over 40 years old and I just love the tone of the instrument - so warm... and it sounds amazing when plugged into a DI... I'm using the D'Addario J-71 strings on the baritone (with the high 4th string). It's so much fun to play! If you've never played a baritone, you should check it out. It's very different from the standard, concert and tenor. I enjoy playing ballads on it - here's an arrangement of "In My Life."


I should also give a big thanks to Gary Peare for pointing this out! Ukulelia.

Munson Covers || Sweet Child of Mine

Ryan Taylor || Halloween Ukulele Songs

Ryan Taylor let me know about his Halloween Song Book. I see that my blogging friend, and occassional bari-uke player, Armelle of Ukuleles and Languages has posted a very detailed review of Ryan's book along with videos. I think that she has provided an excellent review and would not attempt to recreate her work...

Check out this link.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Burning Hell || World Record Tour Concert in Trogen

An intimate look at a small concert...

The Burning Hell || Realism

Cargo Video published this on September 12, 2013, writing... "The Burning Hell is a Canadian band founded by Mathias Kom. We met them in at le Pop In, a famous indie-rock pub and venue in Paris for a quick acoustic session and we had a blast, we hope you'll feel the same because there's a lot of energy and humor in their stuff." Website Link.

I love the clarinet in with the baritone ukulele.