Alternate Tuning


  1. Baritone players who use GCEA tuning: what are you using for strings? I bought a set of Aquila GCEA for baritone. When tuned to a lower octave, they were too slack. When tuned to a higher octave, the tension was so tight that the A string snapped. Any suggestions please?

  2. Rick:

    I don't use GCEA strings and could not give you a firsthand reference. I will try to find out some recommendations for you. I would not consider GCEA the "Alternate Tuning" that I want to display at this location since GCEA info may be found on 500 different sites.

    Jeff / Humble Uker

  3. stringsbymail[dot]com has a phone number you can call and ask. In Hilo where I live music shop carries strings for GCEA tuning on a baritone. A lot of ukers here use it because they like the size of bari but don't know bari chords